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Palma brings the outside in.

Designed by Antoni Arola, the Palma is a lush addition to any commercial or residential project. It combines vegetation with warm globe-shaped luminaires, making interiors feel natural and alive. It comes in a wide variety of forms, from portable lamps to pendants, making it incredibly adaptable.

Palma Wall can be ordered as a single globe with a horizontal or vertical bar fixture. It’s also available with a double globe and/or a plant holder to match. The Palma Pendant range includes vertical and horizontal fixtures with one, two or three globes (plant optional). If you want something that’s a little more portable, Vibia has you covered with the Palma table lamp. It features the same radiant globe, with a simple and sleek metal handle. All models come in a matte white or graphite finish.

Palma plays on the concept of biophilia, which explains our desire as humans to be close to nature. All five of our senses are highly receptive to the natural world. This is why the smell of fresh grass or the sound of birds singing might make us feel pleased. Biophilic design has been linked to better mood, sleep patterns, and productivity.

Our team can provide pricing and lead times for the Palma range – simply request a quote!

Vibia Palma Wall lamp
Vibia Palma at Vibia's new headquarters
Palma portable lamp by Vibia
Palma Wall Horizontal by Vibia