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The stellar North, designed by Arik Levy.

Vibia’s North series is a stylish collaboration between multidisciplinary designer and artist Arik Levy and the Barcelona-based lighting company. Video art, photography and sculpture line Levy’s repertoire, but his expertise in product design shines through with North’s thoughtfully balanced appearance and high-quality build. Its inspiration is Polaris, or the North Star, widely considered to be the brightest in the evening sky.

The North Pendant hangs from the ceiling using a thin steel cable. Like its namesake, it gives the impression of a bright light glowing while suspended in space. A counterweight secures the fixture and guides the electrical cable, allowing the shade to be moved from left to right, up or down. 

The conical aluminium shade contains a warm 2700K LED bulb. A long, slender carbon fibre stem balances the shade with the counterweight. The three individual pieces come together with a subtle degree of flexibility, as North can easily be manipulated to illuminate different areas within its environment. 

North can come simply as a shade and cable for direct suspension from the ceiling, without the use of a counterweight, ideal for installation over dining settings and conference tables. North also comes in wall and floor variations – the wall North features one or two shades, one smaller, one larger. As a floor lamp, North comes with two, three or four shades, their stems radiating from a pot-like base.

Available in a range of product models and finishes, North is versatile and adaptable to any project, whether commercial or residential. 

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North floor/pendant lamp by Vibia
North floor lamp by Vibia
North pendants by Vibia
North pendants by Vibia