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The sky’s the limit with Vibia’s Cosmos.

LED units are seamlessly integrated within thermoplastic plates to create a light display like no other. The Cosmos pendant series by Vibia looks to the sky for inspiration in this one-of-a-kind design.

Cosmos was conceptualised by Leviore, Altherr and Molina for Vibia. It was inspired by space and the manner in which stars seem to float in a vacuum. Each model within the range is comprised of either an individual disc or a cluster of discs, which come together to illuminate consoles, bedsides, kitchen isles, dining tables, bars and hotel lobbies.  

Alone, a singular pendant creates a graceful pool of warm light over a side table or work desk. In a group, Cosmos is a statement design that swiftly becomes the centre of attention. It’s designed to appear smooth, delicate and weightless, manufactured in three matte finishes: a dark chocolate brown, light grey and pale mint green.

Many Cosmos models are able project light outwards as well as directly downwards, making it an effective tool for general illumination without harshness or glare. Its soft colour scheme, cosy 2700K light temperature and graceful assembly all allow the series to create an atmosphere of calm within residential and commercial spaces.

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Vibia Cosmos pendant
Vibia Cosmos pendant
Vibia Cosmos pendant