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Essential Reading: The Koda Guide to Casambi.

In a nutshell, Casambi is a system which allows you to manage your lighting remotely. It uses Bluetooth technology to create a virtual network of lighting, with you at the very centre.

The Casambi app and Xpress remote are the means of control. They can be paired with any luminaire that has a Casambi driver or dongle installed – making Casambi compatible with virtually any lighting on the market. 

The App

The Casambi App is free to download and its interface is designed to be accessible for all users, regardless of how tech-savvy you are. If you prefer to control your lighting via smartphone, tablet or smart watch, the Casambi app is for you.

Casambi Xpress

The Casambi Xpress module (pictured) brings flexibility to interior design and can be kept wherever the user needs it. It comes with a wall plate, allowing it to be installed in place of traditional buttons and switches. It provides all of the same key lighting functions as the Casambi app.

Why choose Casambi?

Once your lighting is connected to the app/remote via Bluetooth, Casambi allows you to…

  • Dim your lighting.
  • Turn lights on and off (individually or all at once).
  • Create ‘scenes’ – lighting presets which you can customise. For example, an evening ‘scene’ could consist of your lights being dimmed to 40%.
  • Control the colour temperature of your lighting.
  • Use ‘daylight sensors’ which dim your fittings when natural light is detected.
  • Sync your lighting to the sunrise and sunset, making the colour temperature warmer at the beginning and end of each day.
  • Use a voice assistant like Siri or Alexa to control your lighting.

Casambi is especially useful in workplaces and retail/commercial fitouts. Because it uses sensors and wireless control units, it automates your lighting and takes the effort out of creating the perfect atmosphere.

By using Scenes, you can determine how you want your lighting to function at different points in the day. Warmer light in the morning and evening and cooler light around midday has been proven to boost mood and productivity in the workplace by tapping into our Circadian rhythms. Casambi allows you to implement these Circadian lighting scenes automatically, helping to create the best possible working environment.

Brands such as Vibia, Occhio, Nimbus and Arkoslight have collaborated with Casambi to create applications like Occhio Air and ARK-Control.

If you’d like a demonstration and to learn more about Casambi, book a visit to our Sydney Lightspace by calling (02) 9699 6007.

Smart workplace lighting using Casambi
Casambi Xpress module
Smart workplace lighting using Casambi