Vibia launches Palma at Light+Build 2018

Palma by Vibia

This isn’t your nana’s hanging planter. Designed by Antoni Arola, nature and human engineering mingle with Palma, bringing a down-to-earth ambiance that’s as organic as it is striking. Glowing blown glass spheres sit in hoops suspended by thin steel cables, bringing a warm illumination while naturalising the living space. Takes the form of a wall fixture, pendant, chandelier, and table lamp (sans plant). Choose between matte white or graphite.

Vibia launches Guise at Light + Build 2018.

Vibia Guise pendant

Vibia’s Guise is a luminous tubular pendant light. It’s a simplistic design imbued with sleek personality, crafted from precision-cut glass, and with optical sensor dimming which gives the user full brightness control without needing to lay a finger – minimal effort from you, maximum impact from Guise.

Guise also takes the form of a glowing wall-mounted halo. The harmony of glass and LED allows the fixture to keep a low profile until it’s activated, then radiating warmth from its circumference. Guise is designed by Stefan Diez, manufactured by Vibia, and available in a matte graphite finish.