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Re-define lighting with the new Sticks collection.

The only limit is your creativity. Introducing Sticks, designed by Arik Levy for Vibia.

These razor-thin linear lamps can be situated however you like, and connected end-to-end to create large-scale lighting installations. This new collection is defined not as a series of products, but as a toolkit to be utilised by architects and designers. Levy understands how interior specialists view spaces, and wanted to provide them with a versatile lighting solution that can be adapted to any space.

Lighting is fused with architecture, resulting in a product that creates crisp visual lines throughout lobbies, showrooms, living spaces and circulation areas. Individual Sticks can measure 1.5 m, 2 m, or 3 m, connecting together to reach a maximum length of 6.5 metres with a single electrical connection. As you join the Sticks together, their scale increases to spread across walls, fill voids and accent high ceilings. They can also be installed as standalone floor lamps.

Each Stick rotates on its own axis, so you can angle the beam whichever way you like. Sticks can be used to brighten up corners and illuminate shadowy areas, simultaneously unifying the space.

As this is a modular product, please consult with our sales team directly for accurate pricing. Pricing will vary depending on scale and components. You can request a quote here or contact us at


Vibia Sticks
Sticks by Vibia
Sticks by Vibia
Sticks by Vibia