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A is for Akoya.

The name ‘Akoya’ refers to a species of Japanese pearl known for its perfectly round shape and high lustre. Akoya pearls are one of the most highly sought-after types of pearl because of their high quality.

The Akoya pendant by NYC-based lighting company Rich Brilliant Willing channels these concepts, resulting in a beautifully round bulb made from hand-blown opal glass, capped with a shade made from parchment or perforated metal.

Manufactured in the USA, Akoya’s shade comes in three sizes – 14″, 22″, and 28″. The LED bulb also comes in five colour temperatures from a soft candlelight (2200K) to a neutral white (3500K) and is fully dimmable. Akoya is well suited to a range of applications including hotels, lounge rooms and commercial and residential dining settings.

Akoya comes in five finish options including vermillion, silk grey, ochre yellow and emerald. These bold metal finishes simultaneously add a sense of fun and sophistication to interiors. Akoya 28″ comes with a parchment paper shade which is perfect for a more understated look, complementing more classically designed interiors.

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Akoya range by Rich Brilliant Willing
Akoya pendant by Rich Brilliant Willing
Akoya pendant by Rich Brilliant Willing
Akoya by Rich Brilliant Willing with a parchment shade