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Love the Puck Wall Art? You may as wool read this…

Designed by Jordi Vilardell, the smart, sleek Puck Wall Art has been dressed up in a tactile new felt finish, along with three additional matte lacquer finishes.

The classic silhouette, which provides ambient indirect light, is versatile in nature – the look and feel provided by these finishes breathes new life into the range. Puck is characterised by its essential design, comprised of two disc-shaped plates placed on top of one another. It allows for a personal touch, as the fittings can be arranged in groups or installed alone; it only requires a single electrical point connection to work, making it easy to install.

Puck’s felt cover is available in light and dark grey, adding a down-to-earth feel to interiors. Light and dark grey lacquered aluminium finishes are also available, as well as an earthy brown tone, nicknamed ‘cauldron brown’.

Puck’s discs come in a choice of 30cm, 40cm, 45cm or 60cm in diameter. Their colour temperature ranges from 2700-4000K depending on the desired atmosphere.

View the range on Vibia’s website now.

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Puck Wall Art by Vibia
Puck Wall Art by Vibia
Puck Wall Art by Vibia