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Government House

Government House is a little piece of Sydney history that’s nestled next to the iconic Opera House and ravishing Royal Botanic Garden. It’s home to the Governor of New South Wales, and is lined with historic Australian furniture, portraits and other fine arts. 

The gardens of Government House feature a diverse range of native plants, to celebrate the uniqueness of Australia’s environment. The exterior of the House and garden paving is constructed from sandstone like many of Sydney’s heritage sites.

Hence, it was important to find landscape lighting that would do these elements justice.

With their slim profile, Vibia’s Bamboo bollards create a visual perimeter around the lush natives. At dusk, their dual LEDs project a gentle spotlight onto the shrubs and stone. But at night, that’s when the grounds really come to life. The Bamboo fittings create eye-catching, atmospheric pools of light on either side of the pathway. Their symmetrical display surrounds and frames the fountain, the main focal point of the gardens. The light of the Bamboo lamps also adds another layer of warmth to the existing sandstone, and makes the grounds seem relaxed and inviting.

We absolutely love the way this project turned out. A big congratulations to the fabulous team who worked on it!

Landscape Architect: Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

Lighting Design: Lighting Art & Science

Photographer: Jackie Chan

Government House feat. Vibia Bamboo bollards