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Darling Park

Spearheaded by architecture firm Davenport Campbell, the refurbishment of the Tower 2 Lobby at Darling Park has turned it into a vibrant hub for working, living and socialising.

The owners of the Darling Park buildings (GPT Group, AMP Capital and Brookfield) voiced the need for a fresher, more inviting lobby space in each building. Davenport Campbell conceptualised this through new materials and a more open-plan interior. A variety of textures, a sophisticated colour palette and an array of statement lighting bring the lobby to life after hours.

Groups of pendant lights created gentle boundaries that encapsulated key areas – reception desks, lounge areas and semi-enclosed seating booths. 

Our custom-made Vibia Match pendants illuminated the fringes of the lobby space while our bold Sattler Toccata pendant gracefully lit the central seating areas.

Architecture & Interiors: Davenport Campbell

Project Manager: Cerno Management

Contractor: Built NSW

Lighting Design: Light Studio MG

Photographer: Brent Winstone

Darling Park
Koda Sattler Toccata at Darling Park
Koda Vibia Match at Darling Park
Koda Vibia Match at Darling Park