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Pop Up – small but mighty.

Developed by Arkoslight head designer Rubén Saldaña, Pop Up is a European Product Design Award 2018 winner. This miniature luminaire also took home the Gold Award for product design earlier this year.

Pop Up is compact with a minimalist design, to aid in projects that require discreet yet powerful illumination.

It’s simple to operate and the beam can be adjusted smoothly and easily by hand. It has a huge degree of motion freedom, as it rotates close to 360° and is able to tilt at 90° (unlike the majority of recessed spotlights currently on the market).

This luminaire can adapt to a variety of dimming solutions and is available as a non-dimmable fitting, as well as with Push dimming, DALI and 1-10V options. Light beam angle options range from 20° to 30° and 56°.

Pop Up is the perfect spotlight for specialised lighting in retail environments, especially when utilised in displays and shop windows. It’s also ideal for accent lighting in spaces such as galleries, studios and stages. Pop Up can furthermore be applied to residential interiors and its wide scope of movement allows for flexible and versatile lighting solutions.

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Pop Up by Arkoslight