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Chute for the stars with Pipeline by ANDLight.

Designed by Caine Heintzman for ANDLight, the Pipeline collection is split into simple pendants, modular suspensions, and table and floor lamps. Pipeline comes with a variety of finish options including black, white, silver, copper and brass.

The Pipeline CM range is made up of simple cylinders which can be rotated on a central axis to change the fitting’s structure. The size and shape of the overall fitting can be adjusted depending on the spatial and aesthetic requirements of the project at hand.

The CM range allows for limitless lighting possibilities – squares, grids, circles and jagged intersecting lines. It provides designers with total freedom and can situate itself within a massive variety of projects.

The Pipeline 40, Pipeline 125 and Pipeline Linear pendants form a more understated group. They’re the building blocks of the Pipeline range, lending a sophisticated atmosphere to their surroundings with a slim, rigid body and uniform light output.

They’re well suited to more low-key environments like residential kitchens and dining areas. 

The Pipeline pendant ranges are ideal for commercial kitchenettes, bars, dining settings, offices, boardrooms and reception desks. Their clean silhouette complements a vast array of contemporary spaces.

Download the Pipeline information booklet here. Click here to request a quote.

Pipeline by ANDLight close-up
Pipeline Linear by ANDLight
Pipeline CM by ANDLight
Pipeline CM by ANDLight
Pipeline CM by ANDLight