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When the Pin dropped, we heard.

Ichiro Iwasaki is the designer of the Pin collection for Vibia. His design expertise is broad and varied, ranging from household appliances to electronics. Through Pin, he seeks to provide warmth and simplicity to the intimate spaces that we navigate each day. 

The Pin collection is a large family of lights comprised of wall, floor and table lamps. 

The Pin Wall family is perfect for use as a bedside light or a wall installation, depending on the type of illumination needed. It can be installed in bedroom spaces to provide the perfect conditions for reading as well as in circulation areas (hotel lobbies or living rooms) where several fittings can be configured to create a ‘light mural’, an eye-catching statement which supports a stylish yet comfortable ambiance. 

There are 7 different models to choose from within the full Pin Wall family. There’s a Pin Wall light for every room in the house, whether it’s a bedroom, lounge room, hallway or entrance. 

The Pin Floor luminaire consists of a tall bending arm with either one or two domed shades attached.

Pin Floor lamps are ideal for reading by and can be integrated within any interior setting, whether the interior is classical or contemporary. The lamp is designed to be simple, timeless and functional, and is visually lightweight. Its two heads mean that the Pin Floor can create a double pool of light where needed, whether it’s over a coffee table and chair or a public reading and dining area.

The Pin Table Lamp is a single-headed and more compact version of the floor lamp. They’re a more portable model which provides direct lighting over workspaces, dining tables, consoles, bedsides, reception desks and more. The high lighting quality means that you can focus on your project without worrying about glare or poor colour rendering. It’s the perfect task light for any job.

Every lamp within the Pin collection has an A+ energy efficiency rating and a warm colour temperature, emphasising the principles of comfort that underpin the collection’s design. All come with a black, white, cream or green lacquered finish. Continuity is an underlining concept within the Pin families, as similar shapes and forms are echoed over various applications.

You can request pricing and lead times for the Pin range here.

Pin wall lamps by Vibia
Pin wall lamp by Vibia
Pin floor lamps by Vibia
Pin table lamp by Vibia