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Occhio’s new finishes and materials.

“Light and evolution are inextricably linked with one another. From the beginning, Occhio has pursued this grand idea of evolution, because the needs and demands of people constantly continue to evolve.” – Occhio GmbH.

Occhio’s new range of finishes has created timelessly elegant products while reflecting the latest and most exciting interior design trends.

Occhio utilises the elaborate PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) process, which conditions metal surfaces to create a harder, more durable and scratch-resistant product. The results do not tarnish or oxidise and are easy to maintain, meaning that each product has a beauty that lasts.

Glossy rose gold is eye-catching, stylish and on-trend. The Mito sospeso comes in a brushed rose gold finish developed uniquely for the product. The io verticale, the latest from the io family, also appears in the high-lustre metal. While compact, it still commands attention with its outstanding sheen.

The velvety matte gold finish is subdued yet distinguished, effortlessly complementing its surrounding environment with understated grace.

Gold is highly sought after in projects today as it brings an unrivalled radiance, as exemplified by the Mito soffitto. The gold illuminates a space in a way that is both smart and sensual, and contributes to an atmosphere of luxury.

Bronze is a classic and refined finish. It’s brought to new heights with its use in Occhio’s Mito and Sento collections – further enhancing the sleek and futuristic shapes of each product. The PVD process makes this metal shine like never before, and increases its durability, ensuring that each product remains a dazzling statement within its respective space.

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Mito sospeso pendants by Occhio
Occhio's new colours and materials