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The new Mito sfera – launching November.

Introducing the Mito sfera range by Occhio – a big step up from your standard bathroom mirror. It combines superlative lighting technology with seamless, high-end design, making the Mito sfera perfect not only for bathrooms but for living rooms and hallway spaces too. 

The Mito sfera range comes in three models: the Mito sfera, the Mito sfera corda, and the Mito sfera su. The Mito sfera comes with a standard or tinted mirror, and is available in two sizes. The Mito sfera corda is the same but uses mains power, with a sleek cloth cable and a plug that connects to the nearest outlet.

The Mito sfera su is different. It can be seamlessly mounted on any mirror thanks to its magnetic backing – a new design frontier for Occhio. This allows for simple installation within a wide variety of settings, and the cord can be concealed for an immaculate end result.

Dimming and colour temperature can be tuned using gesture control or an Occhio air remote. A 95 CRI ensures that you’re getting some of the highest quality light available on the global market. This series is changing the game for lighted mirrors – we can’t wait to see how you use the new Mito in your projects. 

The Mito sfera range will be available from November. Register your interest with us at and stay tuned for more info! 

Mito sfera lighted mirror
Mito sfera corda LED lighted mirror
Mito sfera su LED mirror lamps