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Ditch your ordinary lighting for DARK.

DARK is ‘a project driven by passion’ – a Belgian lighting company that was founded in 2000 by Marnick Smessaert. It brings a range of unique, iconoclastic designs to the global lighting market, selling to over 43 countries worldwide.

By using high-quality materials and original ideas, DARK has made a name for itself, resulting in 81 international design awards and counting. Pure forms, custom options, technical excellence and enduring build are just a few facets of DARK’s design philosophy.

Here are some of our favourite DARK products.


The Cigar lamp is a luxurious source of light for dining settings, hallways and bedsides. It can be installed as a pendant or wall fitting, and comes with a milk glass or alabaster diffuser. It has a range of impressive specs including a >90 CRI, and is dimmable using DALI, phase-cut and 1-10V systems – or you can forgo dimming completely. Its aluminium body has a range of standard finishes such as black, white, brass and bronze, which complement the rich nature of the diffuser. However, like all DARK products, custom RAL finishes are available upon request.


The 12-25 series is characterised by round globes, which add a retro charm to commercial and residential interiors. This range has pendant, wall, recessed and surface-mounted models. The globes can be installed singularly or in rows with a shared canopy. The 12-25 range is ideal for accent lighting, especially over eye-catching displays, tables and bars. They can be oriented to illuminate pieces of art and sculpture against walls, or they can create pools of downward-facing light wherever needed.


Sangha by DARK features a round woven shade, available in a huge variety of finishes – matte and glossy options included. It can be installed singularly or in eye-catching clusters of various sizes. It creates a slightly dappled lighting effect which adds warmth and character to any interior. For a more natural look, you can opt for a cream or brown finish – making Sangha great for laid-back environments like cafes and resorts.

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12-25 pendants by DARK