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Latis – Bold beams for corporate scenes.

The new Latis series by Rich Brilliant Willing caters to contemporary corporate fit-outs with its simple, scalable silhouette. This collection was launched in August this year, and is reminiscent of an i-beam, adding a touch of industrial charm to busy modern workplaces.

Latis gives you a choice between 4ft (1.2m) or 8ft (2.4m) long pendants in a variety of bold or neutral finishes. It has a high degree of versatility; its rigid design and colour options complement a wide array of architectural conditions and modern interior aesthetics.

 What’s more, it can stand out as a statement piece or blend quietly into its surrounds. Two beams can snap together to create a visual centrepiece that floats in midair – perfect for an expansive lobby space.

While it may look simple, the Latis range packs a visual punch. It’s a low-voltage fitting with meticulous technical design, its internal drivers and integrated sensors delivering optimal lighting output through fewer components. A wide variety of beam angles are available, including wide, narrow and asymmetrical. Latis can provide indirect illumination, which can accentuate high ceilings and give a wash of ambient light.

Its long body is perfect for casting a narrow beam of light over a desk. Or, an even spread of up to 16ft over a vast space, such as an open-plan office.

RBW understands the importance of longevity, so this range is sure to last – delivering maximum output with minimal input using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

Pricing and specifications will be available soon. In the meantime, you can explore the range on RBW’s website.

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Latis by Rich Brilliant Willing
Latis by Rich Brilliant Willing
Latis by Rich Brilliant Willing
Latis by Rich Brilliant Willing