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Introducing all-new ARK-Control via Casambi.

With the rise of ‘smart home’ technology, we’re seeing our relationship with lighting change in unprecedented ways.

Arkoslight has collaborated with Casambi, creating a new tool to manage light output within your home or office. It’s called ARK-Control, and it’s an intuitive mechanism that reacts to our everyday lighting needs, enhances productivity, and creates atmosphere.

ARK-Control’s benefits include:

  • Remote dimming and on/off functions, courtesy of your smartphone or tablet.
  • The inclusion of sensors, which turn light on when nearby movement is detected.
  • Sunrise and sunset schedule programming. This feature adjusts the colour temperature of a luminaire depending on the time of day. This not only assists in regulating our Circadian rhythms, but it helps to maximise lighting and energy efficiency.
  • Voice assistant compatibility – think Siri and Alexa.

ARK-Control is set up by installing the relevant accessories alongside your product of choice. Then, all you’ll need is a Bluetooth connection to control your lighting. Click here to access the ARK-Control brochure, for more information on accessories, installation and product capabilities.

Our Waterloo Lightspace uses Casambi to demonstrate a wide variety of products. We look forward to using ARK-Control in conjunction with our Arkoslight range!

ARK-Control using Black Foster.
ARK-Control Sunrise/Sunset programming.
ARK-Control features
ARK-Control by Arkoslight