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Flamingo. Pendants with poise.

The Flamingo pendant lamps are an Antoni Arola collection for Vibia. They have a delicate, poetic appearance combined with high quality technical design, using a thermoplastic diffuser to provide rich, ambient light. The diffuser also provides a spot light effect, projecting a soft pool of illumination wherever needed. 

Vibia defines ‘deconstruction’ as “Freedom from linear thinking and fragmented design process… the manipulation and the reconstruction of ideas in order to rethink conventional structures and create new realities.”

Deconstruction is a recurring theme within Vibia’s product range and is seen here in the minimal nature of the Flamingo, with its spinning-plate shades suspended from a barely-visible steel cable. The way the shades seem to hover above one another shows the utility of empty space to create a stunning and timeless product.

The delicate nature of the Flamingo renders it subtle yet strong on impact. Its mellow, atmospheric light makes it perfect for residential lounge settings as well as bedrooms, bars and restaurants.

Flamingo features push-button dimming on its cable and its LED units carry an A++ energy efficiency rating. It comes in a variety of models, with varying numbers of shade and different lengths to which the LED unit is suspended. It comes in four finishes: a pure white, pure black, copper and gold.

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Flamingo pendants by Vibia
Flamingo pendants by Vibia
Flamingo pendant by Vibia
Flamingo pendants by Vibia