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Exciting new options for the Mito Linear range.

Occhio has once again revolutionised office lighting with extensions to its popular Mito Linear range

A new tabletop version of the Mito terra is ideal for long desks and cosy workspaces where there’s little room for floor lamps. It’s identical to the classic Mito terra, with all of the same features (including a body sensor which turns light on when activity is detected nearby). It provides both direct and indirect illumination, illuminating offices elegantly and intuitively.

Alongside the new Mito terra, Occhio has released the Mito volo as a tracklight, giving the pendant a whole new degree of movement. The Mito alto and alto side have also been released as tracklights. 

The Mito volo will also be available as a made-to-order product in special lengths (135-235 cm) due to popular demand. These new lengths will add to its versatility as a product and allow it to adapt to a variety of new settings. The Mito volo, Mito alto and Mito alto side tracklights will have all of the capabilities and sleek finishes as their surface-mounted counterparts, including Occhio air compatibility via Casambi, gesture control, up and down fading, and colour tuning.

Colour tuning allows each product to produce 2700K-4000K light, adjustable via gesture control or Occhio Air (via Casambi). This can help to regulate Circadian rhythms while boosting mood and productivity in the workplace.

Occhio Mito linear tracklight range
Occhio Mito terra tabletop
Occhio Mito linear tracklights