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Vibia is an award-winning lighting company based in Barcelona, Spain. It frequently works with renowned product designers to create lighting that’s trend-setting, original, and sought after by design lovers everywhere. Vibia has an ever-growing catalogue of interior and exterior lighting, including wall and ceiling sconces, pendants, chandeliers and floor and table lamps.

Dots by Vibia

Dots: Pinpointing the perfect wall lamp.

Compose intimate landscapes of light with the new Dots collection by Vibia.
Vibia Ghost

Ghost: Ethereal illuminants by Vibia.

Lighting, when done right, can make for a spiritual experience.
Vibia Kontur

Kontur: an exploration of linear light.

Explore curves of light with the Kontur collection.
LED Outdoor + Architectural

LED Outdoor + Architectural and Koda Lighting – a match made in heaven!

We're pleased to announce the opening of LED Outdoor + Architectural's new interior lighting hub, kitted out with our bestselling products.
Dots by Vibia

Get acquainted with Dots, Ghost and Kontur.

Not one, not two, but THREE new Vibia products.
Flat by Vibia

The Vibia Flat. Two-dimensional shade. Three-dimensional atmosphere.

While some might see the word 'flat' as meaning dull, lifeless or boring, this brand-new range is anything but!