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Vibia is an award-winning lighting company based in Barcelona, Spain. It frequently works with renowned product designers to create lighting that’s trend-setting, original, and sought after by design lovers everywhere. Vibia has an ever-growing catalogue of interior and exterior lighting, including wall and ceiling sconces, pendants, chandeliers and floor and table lamps.

Vibia Flat

Introducing Flat – the art of reflection.

Don't let your lighting fall flat.
Vibia Sticks

Re-define lighting with the new Sticks collection.

Looking for inspiration? Stick this in your next project.
Ramos & Bassols

Designer Spotlight: Ramos & Bassols.

The brains behind some of Vibia's most loved collections.
Vibia Top

Forget the humble ceiling rose. This new Vibia range is on Top.

Soft, spherical forms for your stylish space.
Vibia Tube

Do you like boring pendants? Well, that’s Tube bad.

Modular and multi-functional, the Tube range is redefining the pendant as we know it.
Arik Levy

Designer Spotlight: Arik Levy.

“Life is a system of signs and symbols, where nothing is quite as it seems.”