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Going for Gold: Arkoslight’s Award Nominees.

The Art range and Minimal Track series by Arkoslight have been nominated to compete for the ADI Awards, a prestigious event organised on a biennial basis by the ADI-FAD (Association of Industrial Design and Promotion of Arts and Design) in Barcelona. Besides being part of the product showcase, these products will now go on to compete for their respective awards, and will be included in the ADI Awards official 2020 publication.

Every 2 years, the ADI Awards are granted to industrial designers and product manufacturers  in recognition of their contribution to the Spanish design industry. The ADI Awards were founded as a means to celebrate good design and, by extension, its contribution to society and the economy.

Art is a minimalist pendant lamp with the potential to transform into a maze-like light sculpture when installed in groups – hence the name. Art produces both direct and indirect light and can serve a range of functions within an interior.  Installed singularly, it can be suspended over kitchen isles, offices and bars. In groups, it does well to occupy a foyer, lobby or stairwell void. It comes in matte black, matte white, rose gold and brushed copper finishes. Due to popular demand, a postcursor was released by Arkoslight in 2020 called Art Modular which comes with a longer body and one or two additional light points. 

Minimal Track is a soon-to-be-available 24V track light system, which combines a slim track with a miniaturised set of compatible lighting fixtures. It’s designed with discretion in mind, offering a sleek lighting solution to retail spaces and galleries. Above all, it’s safer to install than a standard track system – without sacrificing performance. The Minimal Track range recently took home two Red Dot Awards of its own, both for lighting design and innovative product design. Minimal Track was released after the success of Arkoslight’s 48V Track series, which features a similar design and set of components.

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ADI Awards