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Arkoslight goes incognito.

‘Invisible Black’ technology allows a luminaire to produce light which is invisible at its source, by using black interior components. The Black Foster series by Arkoslight has taken this concept and turned into a range of multi-talented lighting products.

The result is Black Foster, a series of luminaires which can integrate themselves into the interior architecture of any space.

To the naked eye, it’s not easy to tell the difference between the parts that emit light from those that do not. Whether Black Foster is switched on or off, it maintains the appearance of a long, dark line which adds contrast to white walls and ceilings, and blends completely into darker settings.

The Black Foster range also features suspended and surface-mounted black fittings, which create a sophisticated and understated first impression.

View the Black Foster product book here.

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Black Foster by Arkoslight
Black Foster by Arkoslight
Black Foster Surface by Arkoslight
Black Foster by Arkoslight