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Say goodbye to garden-variety lighting with the Vine series.

Vine is a stylish new collection from ANDLight, comprised of 2 simple round bulbs connected with a chrome arc. When stacked on top of each other, they create a unique pendant light with an exaggerated silhouette.

The Vine pendant series is comprised of stacked units – a choice of either 3, 5, 7, or 9. Its low-voltage design means that it can deliver strong illumination with just a few simple parts. It’s ideal for suspension over dining settings, coffee and conference deloptables, and in lobbies and foyers.

The wall/ceiling version is the luminaire in its purest form; an arching stem with two opal glass globes on either end. It’s perfect for wayfinding in the corridors and circulation areas of hotels and corporate buildings. It’s also a great wall sconce for any residential project.

Both the Vine wall scone and pendant can be phase dimmed, allowing you to achieve that perfect ambiance. They also have a colour temperature of 3000K, and two chrome finishes: silver and midnight blue. Custom finishes are also available upon request.

“Vine addresses the need for a fixture of scale, radiance and exuberance. Efficient LED lamps are amplified by opal glass in repetition, which help generate a very big fixture from very little electricity and just a few simple components.”
—Caine Heintzman, designer.

To request a quote for the Vine wall or pendant lamps, click here.

Vine series by ANDLight
Vine series by ANDLight
Vine Wall by ANDLight