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A quick look at Vibia’s new finishes.

Vibia has taken a handful of classic, best-selling products and given them a fresh coat of paint. The i.Cono, Funnel, Jazz, Origami, Skan and Warm collections have all been updated to reflect a more muted, natural colour palette – making these products more stylish and versatile than ever before.

The i.Cono series encompasses a range of wall, floor and table lamps with a characteristic polycarbonate shade and slim stem. The shade can be adjusted by hand to angle the light beam as desired, making the i.Cono ideal for reading and studying by. i.Cono’s new finishes include white, grey and beige, as well as navy blue and terra red (an earthy ochre/terracotta hue).

The Funnel series is comprised of wall and ceiling lamps with a unique mushroom-like silhouette. They produce indirect light for ambient illumination without glare or dazzle. They look stunning when installed individually, in a row, and in groups of varying sizes and/or finishes. Funnel’s new finishes add to its idiosyncratic appeal: white, mink, mint green, and matte gold leaf.

The Skan series features pendant and floor lamps with a stylish, simplistic design. Skan pendants project light downwards to illuminate dining settings and office desks, while the Skan floor series uses indirect lighting to create more subtle, atmospheric illumination. Skan comes in a wide variety of finishes including blue, green, terra red, white, black and mink.

You can request a quote for the i.Cono, Skan and Funnel ranges here.

i.Cono floor lamps by Vibia
i.Cono floor lamps by Vibia